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Amanda French Curriculum Vitae (pdf)
Amanda French Résumé (pdf)

Amanda L. French

amandafrench.net | amanda@amandafrench.net | @amandafrench


Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, University of Virginia, 2004.

M.A. in English Language and Literature, concentration in Women’s Studies, University of Virginia, 1995.

B.A. in English, University of Colorado at Boulder, 1992, cum laude.


THATCamp Coordinator / Research Assistant Professor, Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media, George Mason University, 2010-2014.

Digital Curriculum Specialist / Assistant Research Scholar, New York University, 2008-2009.

Teaching Assistant Professor, North Carolina State University, 2006-2007.

Council on Library and Information Resources Postdoctoral Fellowship, North Carolina State University, 2004-2006.

Staff Member, Electronic Text Center, University of Virginia, 2003-2004.

Teaching + Technology Support Partner, University of Virginia, 2001-2004.

Graduate Instructor, University of Virginia, 1996-2000.

Research Assistant, The Complete Writings and Pictures of Dante Gabriel Rossetti Archive: A Hypermedia Research Archive, ed. Jerome McGann, 1998-1999.


On Projects, and THATCamp, keynote, Digital Humanities Project Directors Meeting, National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington, DC, October 2013. (Event canceled due to government shutdown, but paper given at U of Maryland.)

‘Why Not Invent Human Intercourse?’: Scholarly Conversations at THATCamp (The Humanities and Technology Camp), Freedman Center Colloquium: Exploring Collaboration in Digital Scholarship, Case Western University, Cleveland, OH, April 2013.

Visual Arguments in the Digital Humanities, Visualizing the Digital: Design, Ideas, and Platforms, Digital Pragmata symposium, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA, March 2013.

MLA Workshop: Get Started in the Digital Humanities with Help from DHCommons, roundtable, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Boston, MA, January 2013.

Panel remarks, New Roles, New Expertise, New Hiring Practices, ARL-ACRL Human Resources Symposium, Washington, DC, November 2012.

Sheesh, What’s With All the THATCamps? Maryland Institute for Technology in the Humanities Digital Dialogues, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, October 2012.

Alexandria is a Port: The Digital Library in Physical Space, Response to John Palfrey at the Fredric M. Miller Memorial Lecture, Philadelphia, PA, May 2012.

The History and Future of Academic Conferences (Specifically THATCamp), Athens, GA, March 2012.

Aubade: The Soul and Body of a Library, Digital Public Library of America plenary meeting, Washington, DC, October 2011.

Imagine a National Digital Library: I Wonder If We Can, keynote, Electronic Resources and Libraries, Austin, TX, March 2011.

Plied With Cheese No More: New Metaphors for the University in a Digital Future, The Digital and the Human(ities), symposium, Texas Institute for Literary and Textual Studies 2010-2011, University of Texas, Austin, TX, March 2011.

“Humanities Research Methods 1860-2060,” keynote, Re:Humanities: A Symposium on Digital Media in Academia, Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges, Ardmore, PA, November 2010.

Panel remarks, Training Humanists in the Digital Age, Knowledge Futures Spring 2010 Forum, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, April 2010.

Co-host of Digital Campus podcast, digitalcampus.tv, beginning with episode 61, October 17, 2010.


Millay and Her Books, Things My Computer Taught Me About Poems (panel organizer), special session, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, January 2014.

Email is Made of Women, Alt-Ac Work and Gender: It’s Not Plan B, special session, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Chicago, IL, January 2014.

“Introduction to Omeka,” Two Tools for Student-Generated Digital Projects: WordPress and Omeka in the Classroom, special session, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Boston, MA, January 2013.

Panel remarks, Large Digital Libraries: Beyond Google Books, special session, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Los Angeles, CA, January 2012.

Panel remarks, Infinite Jest and the Internet (panel organizer), South by Southwest Interactive, Austin, TX, March 2011.

Your Twitter Followers and Facebook Friends Won’t Read Your Peer-Reviewed Article If They Have to Pay For It, and Neither Will Strangers,” The Open Professoriat on the Social Web, special session, Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Los Angeles, CA, January 2011.

Wosh, Peter and Amanda French, panel remarks, Out of the Classroom and into the Laboratory: Experimenting with Archives Education 3.0, Archives*Records / DC 2010, Washington, DC, August 2010.

The Binary Hero, World One, and World Zero, Swarming Plato’s Cave: Rethinking Digital Fantasies, South by Southwest Interactive, Austin, TX, March 2010.

Wosh, Peter and Amanda French, Digital History Across the Curriculum, Digital Humanities (ACH/ALLC), College Park, MD, June 2009.

Basic Digital Skills for Historians, American Association for History and Computing Annual Conference, Fairfax, VA, April 2009.

From Horse and Buggy to Hovercraft: My Research Before and After Google Book Search, SHARP Special Session, “The Library of Google: Researching Scanned Books,” Modern Language Association Annual Convention, December 2008.

Kendall, Tyler and Amanda French. Digital Audio Archives, Computer-Enhanced Transcripts, and New Methods in Sociolinguistic Analysis, Digital Humanities (ACH/ALLC), Paris, France, July 2006. Abstract reprinted in conference proceedings pp. 110-112.

Hybrid Cyber-Librarians: The CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship, Association for Computers and the Humanities / Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing Annual Conference, Victoria, BC, Canada, 2005.

The CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship, Roundtable, Association of College and Research Libraries Annual Conference, 2005.

The Provincial Patriotism of In Flanders Fields, South Central Modern Language Association Conference, Houston, TX, 2005.

The Villanelle 1574-2005, Sixteenth-Century Society and Conference, Atlanta, GA, 2005.

Return to Villanelle of the Temptress, North American James Joyce Conference, Ithaca, NY, 2005.

Othering Poetic Form Through Translation, American Literary Translators Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, 2004.


Knowledge Under Pressure, review of Too Big to Know by David Weinberger, Journal of Interactive Technology & Pedagogy, September 2012.

“Villanelle” and other articles, in Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, Greene, Roland et al., eds. The Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics: Fourth Edition, Princeton University Press, 2012.

Translation of “J’ay perdu ma tourterelle” in Villanelles, eds. Annie Finch and Marie-Elizabeth Mali, Everyman’s Library, 2012.

Fitzpatrick, Kathleen et al., Voices: Twitter at Conferences, edited contribution in Hacking the Academy: A Book Crowdsourced in One Week, eds. Dan Cohen and Tom Scheinfeldt, University of Michigan Press 2013.

Watson, Amanda, Amanda French, Patricia Hswe, and Christa Williford, Of Hybrarians, Scholar-Librarians, Academic Refugees, and Feral Professionals, in #alt-ac: Alternate Academic Careers for Humanities Scholars, ed. Bethany Nowviskie, MediaCommons 2011.

Edmund Gosse and the Stubborn Villanelle Blunder, Victorian Poetry, 48:2 (Summer 2010): 243-66.

“Villanelle” and seven other entries, Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics, 4th edn., eds. Roland Greene and Stephen Cushman, forthcoming from Princeton University Press.

The Binary Hero and other articles, HiLoBrow, blog, eds. Joshua Glenn and Matthew Battles, since 2010.

The First Villanelle: A New Translation of Jean Passerat’s J’ay perdu ma Tourterelle (1574), Meridian 12 (Fall/Winter 2003): 30-37.

A Strangely Useless Thing: Iseult Gonne and Yeats, Yeats Eliot Review: A Journal of Criticism and Scholarship, 19:2 (2002 Aug): 13-24.


Digital humanities, scholarly communication and research methods, English poetry and poetic form, 19th-century British literature.


The Digital Past, undergraduate seminar, George Mason University, fall 2012, fall 2013.

Creating Digital History, graduate seminar, New York University, fall 2009 (with Peter Wosh).

The Victorian Period, North Carolina State University, spring 2007.

Literary Scandals and Controversies, North Carolina State University, spring 2007.

Victorian Poetry and Critical Prose, North Carolina State University, fall 2006.

Bibliography and Methodology, North Carolina State University, fall 2006.

History of English Literature II, North Carolina State University, fall 2006.

Academic Research Strategies and Contexts, North Carolina State University, spring 2005, spring 2006, and spring 2007.

Masterpieces of English Literature II: Blake to Woolf, University of Virginia, spring 2000.

Advanced Academic Writing: Analyzing Popular Culture, University of Virginia, spring 2000.

Studies in Poetry, University of Virginia, spring 1999.

Introduction to Composition, University of Virginia, spring 1998, spring 1996, and fall 1995.

Special Topics in Literature: Growing Up in Fiction, spring 1997.

History of Literature in English I, II, and III; fall 1996, spring 1998, fall 1998, and fall 1999.


CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowship in Scholarly Information Resources for Humanists, 2004-2006.

University of Virginia Seven Society Graduate Fellowship for Superb Teaching Semi-Finalist, 2000.

Academy of American Poets University and College Prize, 1997.

University of Virginia President’s Fellowship, 1995-1997.


Facilitator, Northwestern Digital Humanities Summer Faculty Workshop, August 2013.

Editorial Board, The Journal of Interactive Technology and Pedagogy, 2012-present

Editorial Board, Archive Journal, 2011-present

Advisory Board, Drexel University Legacy Center Digital History Toolkit, 2010-present.

Member, Digital Library Federation Fall Forum program committee, 2010.

Reviewer, Digital Humanities Conference, 2009-present.

Reviewer, National Endowment for the Humanities, Office of Digital Humanities, 2009.

Member, Digital Repository Committee, North Carolina State University Libraries, 2004-2006.

Member, Web Site Redesign Committee, North Carolina State University Libraries, 2004-2005.

Student Member, University Council on Information Technology, University of Virginia, 2002-2004.

President, Graduate Student Council, University of Virginia, 1998-1999.

Secretary, Graduate Student Council, University of Virginia, 1997-1998.

Vice-President, Graduate English Student Association, University of Virginia, 1997-1998.

English Department Representative, Graduate Student Council, University of Virginia, 1996-1998.


Spoken and written French (translation capability); some German, Spanish, Italian.

(X)HTML, CSS; TEI, SGML, XML; some JavaScript, PHP.

UNIX, Mac, Windows, Linux; emacs, vim, git.

Microsoft Office, Open Office, iLife.

WordPress, Omeka, some Drupal.

Photoshop, Audacity, GarageBand, iMovie, Peak, Morae, Camstudio.

Blackboard, Zotero, EndNote, blogs, wikis, podcasts, research databases.


Modern Language Association

Association for Computers and the Humanities


Daniel J. Cohen, Executive Director, Digital Public Library of America (formerly of RRCHNM).

Tom Scheinfeldt, Director of Digital Humanities in the Digital Media Center, University of Connecticut (formerly of RRCHNM).

Peter J. Wosh, Associate Professor of History and Archives Program Director, New York University.

Kristin Antelman, Associate Director for the Digital Library, North Carolina State University Libraries.

Stephen Cushman, Robert C. Taylor Professor, University of Virginia.

Jerome J. McGann, John Stewart Bryan Professor, University of Virginia.

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